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Strategy & Services

we're different

We believe in providing affordable, strategic products that help you focus more on medicine, and less on the business side of your practice.

Our product strategy lies in capitalizing on the assets about you and your practice that you’re not already leveraging. That’s why we’re so interested in getting to know you personally—so we can showcase who you are and your unique approach to medicine to future patients.

Our production team brings your personality, the excellence of your staff, and your clinical talents to life with our state-of-the-art strategies. We want patients who find you online to already have a baseline level of trust in you before they meet you in person. So far, that’s what we’ve delivered to our clients, and it’s what we plan on continuing to do.

Stop losing patients because of inaccurate contact information and talk to us today.

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The BetterDoctor Team

When you become our client, our entire San Francisco-based team becomes your new marketing team. We take care of everything from cleaning up your profiles online, coordinating your interviews, photoshoots and building your website to driving reviews to your Google profile all for you. Our team is available whenever you have a question about SEO, responding to a review on Yelp, purchasing Google Adwords, advertising on Groupon… whatever’s on your mind. We’re here to be your one-stop shop for answers and strategies you can trust.

Monica Haggarty

Account Manager
"Getting to know our doctors and dentists on a first name basis is my goal."

Kaitlyn Pebly

Head of Accounts
"I like hearing about how our products shape our clients’ practices. Each practice is so unique."

Allison Pinpin

Web Producer
"I switched from working in the art world last year to learn about healthcare. I love working at a company that's having such a big impact on our clients' lives."

Antoinette Nickelson

Account Manager
"Healthcare is near and dear to my heart. I try to make each client's experience with BetterDoctor as seamless as possible."

What clients Are Saying About Us

  • You solved a problem in 24 hours that no one else had been able to do in a year. Such a huge relief!

    - Susan Dimick, MD

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  • I've seen so many new patients in the last couple months from people finding me on Google.

    - Paul Quarneri, DC

    Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 5.39.09 PM.png
  • We have been getting more referrals directly from Google than in years past. Thank You!

    - Matthew Young, DDS

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Services & strategy

Accurate Data

BetterDoctor optimizes your contact information on 55 websites.

Modern Websites

The importance of a mobile-responsive, well-designed website cannot be underestimated.

Professional Photography

Excellent photography is one of the best ways to build patient trust online.

Original Content

Our content strategy is grounded in the latest SEO best practices.

Not Just a marketing company

BetterDoctor is one of the nation's foremost advocates for accurate provider networks because we believe finding a doctor should be simple.

To make it easier for patients and doctors to connect, we offer data cleanup products and work directly with insurance companies to clean up data about doctors in health plan’s provider directories. To learn more about our partnerships and efforts to clean up America's healthcare data, check out this article.



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